Profile – Byron Toews

My name is Byron Toews and I am a Director on the Egg Farmers of Alberta Board. I am in my first year as a Director with EFA.

I have been egg farming for 31 years and I was raised in Three Hills, Alberta and I have three children. I love riding horses and travelling to Mexico when I am not farming. I am very active with my church.

I believe it is important to serve on the board as a Director because it’s good to give direction to the egg industry and I believe I can do that because I have many years of experience and expertise to share. EFA is successful because we are driven by input from experienced egg farmers who serve as Directors on the EFA board who can provide strategic direction. We share a clear, common vision for where the industry should be headed.

Looking forward, a focus on sustaining the supply management system and to maintain the benefits that have been enjoyed by farmers and consumers for the past 40 years. EFA wants to ensure those benefits will also be enjoyed by future generations!