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Egg Carton Recycling

Types of Egg Cartons

Egg carton recycling is possible at locations throughout Alberta. We’ve taken the province’s largest cities and towns and provided links to their recycling information. Please let us know if you have information about egg carton recycling in your community by emailing .


Cardboard egg cartons are made from recycled paper that is at the "tail end" of its lifespan/usefulness. This style of egg carton can be recycled with the cardboard at most recycling depots and will break down more easily in a landfill or in a backyard composter. In addition, cardboard egg cartons can be reused in a variety of ways – for example, they make excellent mini-planters for growing seeds in the spring.

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Clear plastic egg cartons can generally be recycled with other plastics at most recycling depots. Plastic egg cartons are generally a #1 plastic. Always check for this number inside the recycling logo on the bottom of the carton. If there is no recycling logo, the carton cannot be recycled.


Styrofoam egg cartons are not able to be recycled in Alberta. The nearest facility that recycles styrofoam is in Ontario and - in the recycling process itself - inks on the cartons need to be removed. The bottom line: the energy used and pollution created in the transportation and chemical processes offset any benefit, environmentally, to recycling these cartons.

How do you reuse your egg cartons?

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Recycling in Your Community

Does your town recycle egg cartons? Tell us how by emailing

Click here for a list of municipalities (Word document - 25 KB).